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April 2010 Project:

Fuel Storage Blast Analysis
Fuel Storage Blast Analysis

A nuclear power plant currently stores spent fuel in dry storage at an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at the site. The ISFSI consists of Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC) loaded with spent fuel which is housed in concrete Horizontal Storage Modules (HSM). Future expansion of the ISFSI will require construction traffic at close proximity to the existing ISFSI. Analysis was needed to determine the risk of a design basis threat blast occurring at the close proximity to the existing ISFSI.


A blast analysis of the HSM was carried out to identify potential impact with the DSC as well as the effect of the blast on the DSC directly. Taking into account the failure modes of the HSM, the DSC was analyzed to ensure that structural integrity was maintained. Finally the DSC was analyzed for local missile impact.

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