Spotlight Projects:

The Hopper Engineering Associates team provides practical and exciting solutions to unique problems in several industries. To showcase our recent work we choose a project of the month. An archive of previous winners can be found here.

July 2014 Extra Project:

Main Engine Lift Spreader Beam
Main Engine Lift Spreader Beam

To design a lift spreader beam capable of lifting the over 400-ton weight of the main engine for a new class of ship. The engine is too heavy for one crane to lift, so a spreader beam is necessary to provide enough clearance for two cranes to lift the beam without hitting each other and to provide for (nearly) vertical support slings to reach the pick points on the engine.


Our engineering team designed a unique spreader that is long enough to keep the cranes from interfering with each other and to accommodate the distance between the engine pick points, yet is strong enough to lift the very heavy engine. The spreader was fabricated and placed into service, where it has successfully performed its first lift.

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