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May 2013 Project:

CNG Offloading Feasibility Study
CNG Offloading Feasibility Study

In an effort to address the declining output from wells in the Cook Inlet coupled with the anticipated future needs for natural gas in Alaska, an option is considered to offload compressed natural gas (CNG) at an existing liquefied natural gas (LNG) offloading facility. HEA was approached to determine the structural and mechanical feasibility of the upgrade and provide sufficient information to allow for cost estimating of various options.


A detailed analysis was undertaken to determine the structural upgrades required on the existing offloading dock and pipeway structure. Three pipeline location options were provided in the structural drawings to allow for selection of the most economical design. Additionally, vendors were contacted to determine the availability of a high-pressure CNG loading arm and various locations on the existing dock were analyzed for the appropriate placement of the new arm. The final deliverable to the client provided verification of the feasibility of installing the new CNG equipment along with the supporting information necessary to allow for comparison between this and other options being considered to address the future natural gas needs in Alaska.

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