Firm History:

Hopper Engineering Associates was founded by Managing Principal David Hopper in 1979. With roots in power generation and manufacturing the company has expanded its services and clientele to include petrochemical, entertainment, construction, legal, shipbuilding, rigging and homeland security. As a result of our growth and success three additional Principals are now employed by the firm.

The Firm History In Depth:

Hopper Engineering Associates was founded in 1979 by Managing Principal David M. Hopper. The company's initial focus was in providing engineering support to utilities and manufacturers. The company's first power project was helping an A & E firm configure and put into service high energy dissipation steam quenchers at ten 1150 MW power plants. Shortly after, the company's first manufacturing project came through the door, which involved designing insulated tubes for secondary and tertiary oil field production.

During the 1980's Hopper Engineering Associates entered the petrochemical and motion picture industries. The company's first few projects in the petrochemical industry were failure analysis and prevention jobs at the local refineries as well as service life extension evaluations for offshore platforms operators. At the same time we began working in the motion picture industry. The company's first entertainment project involved helping one of the major movie studios safely operate a large sawdust storage hopper on their lot.

In the 1990's Hopper Engineering Associates became active in the shipbuilding and aerospace industries. Our first taste of shipbuilding included engineering a means to distribute heavy ship berthing loads safely over a dock designed for a much lighter vessel. In the aerospace industry our first memorable project involved designing a support for a camera mounted to a helicopter. The camera mount design was complicated by the fact that the data in the camera needed to remain retrievable after a crash.

The company's involvement in fall protection, rigging, construction, heavy lifting and homeland security has developed more recently as a result of referrals from existing clients and the unique expertise we've gained in other industry sectors. We are very proud of our work in these areas and we appreciate the continued opportunity these industries provide.

As our service offerings expand, so does our client list. In addition to the above mentioned clientele, our services are now sought by regulatory agencies, the legal community, insurance underwriters, construction contractors, and most flatteringly, other engineering firms.