Hopper Engineering Associates has a well rounded and diverse book of business in four major industry sectors: Power Generation, Petrochemical, Entertainment and Manufacturing. Each sector carries an approximately equal annual weight.

Industries Descriptions:

Aerospace and Defense

Includes: prime government contractors, manufacturers producing blast, ballistic and impact resistant products, aerospace component vendors and other engineering firms.

Crane and Heavy Loading

Includes: crane manufacturers and vendors, facility owners and operators and constructors. We have specialty experience with cranes in nuclear service.


Includes: studios, exhibit designers, special effects companies, riggers, staging companies, amusement parks, scenic design companies and a host of others.

Fall Protection and Rigging

Includes: fall protection system vendors, facility owner and operators, audio visual vendors and other engineering companies.

Insurance and Legal

Includes: lawyers, insurance companies, insurance adjusters and facility owners. Our team is experienced in giving depositions and expert testimony.


Includes: refineries, offshore facilities, chemical plants, steel mills, constructors and other engineering firms.

Power Generation

Includes: utilities, N-Stamp fabricators, NSSS vendors and other engineering firms.


Includes: shipyards, ship owner/operators, regulatory agencies and other engineering companies.

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