Aerospace and National Defense:

Hopper Engineering Associates has been supporting the aerospace and national defense industries since the mid 1990's. Our clientele includes prime government contractors, small business manufacturers and other engineering firms. The company offers a diverse project history and team of experienced engineers.

Aerospace and National Defense Industry In Depth:

Hopper Engineering Associates provides multidisciplinary civil, structural and mechanical engineering support to the aerospace and national defense industries. A good portion of our work in this area is specialty finite element analysis and design. Many of these analyses are complex and simplifying the computer model to accurately represent the system behavior is where our experience proves to be most valuable. Our expertise also includes blast, impact and impulse analysis.

The following project examples summarize our experience, however, are in no way comprehensive of our expertise. Please direct specific questions regarding project experience to Jeff Pieper, Project Manager

Featured Projects:

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsHEA was asked to redesign a support pallet for an airborne firefighting system. The system is mounted aboard a C-130 aircraft and sprays a fire-retardant foam mixture on forest fires. The original design had proved inadequate to handle the thrust caused by the expulsion of the foam from the nozzle in combination with the acceleration loads created by the flight of the aircraft.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsPost 9-11, many facilities require vehicle barriers for additional security. HEA modeled this vehicle and barrier using LS-DYNA. We performed a full dynamic impact analysis that accurately captured energy absorption and damage. The analysis showed that the barrier would perform as required. Our computer model results were later validated by a full-scale test.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsDesign of a vehicle for transferring pallets and containers weighing up to 60,000 pounds to and from a supply ship via a loading ramp was required. The vehicle was to remain level and maneuverable in spite of ramp slope variations. HEA designed a prototype load transfer vehicle using a unique configuration of four independent hydraulic legs. The design was validated by full scale testing.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsA manufacturer had built a partial finite element model of the complex solid state transmitter assembly, but was unable to obtain useful analysis results because of the model's complexity. HEA developed an accurate and useable finite element model of the SSTx. The model was analyzed for shipboard shock and vibration loads according to MIL-Spec requirements.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsThis is an experimental countermeasure device that is watertight and contains high energy battery and transducer electronic systems. The client was concerned that it may overheat during operation. HEA built a finite element thermal model of the electronic assembly and heat generating components. We were able to recommend specific modifications to improve heat dissipation.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsHEA was asked to analyze this Energy Storage Unit for dynamic loads experienced during rocket launch into orbit. Our analysis revealed that ESU configuration modification was necessary to withstand the launch dynamic loads. Practical modifications were recommended to the manufacturer.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsA spacecraft manufacturer requires a larger sized tank to accommodate increased launch vehicle payloads. HEA constructed a finite element model and a modal analysis and response spectrum analysis were performed. The new design was shown to meet minimum frequency and load capacity requirements.

Aerospace and National Defense ProjectsTo protect critical nuclear structures and equipment from malevolent vehicle explosions, HEA was asked to evaluate the overpressure capacities of critical structures and equipment. A barrier system capable of stopping an assault vehicle was designed. Minimum standoff distances for several explosive charges were established for barrier placement.

Additional Spotlight Projects:

Below you will find additional Aerospace & Defense related projects we have worked on.