Fall Protection and Rigging:

Hopper Engineering Associates has been supporting the fall protection and rigging industries since the late 1990's. Our clientele includes installers, manufacturers and venues. The company offers a diverse project history and team of experienced engineers.

Fall Protection and Rigging Industry In Depth:

Hopper Engineering Associates provides multidisciplinary civil, structural and mechanical engineering support to the fall protection and rigging industry. Our experience and expertise includes both permanent and temporary installations. We have a working knowledge of the specialty hardware and equipment used in the industry. Further, our mechanical team is well versed in analysis of components including chain hoists and wenches. Often times our evaluations include the local structure used for anchorage.

The following project examples summarize our experience, however, are in no way comprehensive of our expertise. Please direct any specific questions regarding temporary or permanent rigging or fall protection installations to Wes Brown, Principal.

Featured Projects:

Rigging and Fall Protection ProjectsAn overhead camera view was needed to shoot a motorcycle chase scene. HEA designed the temporary support structure and evaluated the associated rigging in accordance with the pertinent criteria. The final structure stood 80' tall and provided a longitudinal camera run 800' long.

Rigging and Fall Protection ProjectsThis facility has a rack assembly, over 30' in height, with a trolley system, running along the entire length of the rack. To maintain employee safety, a fall protection system was required, running parallel to the trolley track. One requirement was that there would be no bolting or welding to the existing rack framing. A clamp design was therefore implemented. The existing rack assembly and the added track and connection details were verified under the impact loads of a worker falling, and found to be adequate.

Rigging and Fall Protection ProjectsThis analysis was done to develop a load chart of allowable temporary rigging loads for the different components of the radial roof structure at the Los Angeles Forum. HEA assembled a computer model to represent the complex roof structure and applied dead and live loads.

Rigging and Fall Protection ProjectsThis hotel ballroom was upgraded with permanent rigging points on the ceiling. HEA rated the rigging points based on the roof structural capacity and provided criteria for loading adjacent rigging points. HEA also selected suitable rigging components and recommended an annual inspection plan to ensure safe use in the future.

Additional Spotlight Projects:

Below you will find additional Fall Protection related projects we have worked on.