Cranes and Heavy Load Handling:

Hopper Engineering Associates has been providing crane and heavy load handling analyses since the company's inception in 1979. Our clientele includes industrial contractors, crane manufacturers and facility owners. The company offers a diverse project history and team of experienced engineers.

Cranes and Heavy Load Handling Industry In Depth:

Hopper Engineering Associates provides multidisciplinary civil, structural and mechanical engineering support specific to cranes and heavy load handling. Our experience includes evaluation of temporary cranes for construction activities as well as permanent crane installations. HEA's project history includes rigging components, crane structure, foundations and mats, crane rails, lifting lug design and overturning evaluations. We are experienced in evaluating heavy lifts requiring two or more cranes.

The following project examples summarize our experience, however, are in no way comprehensive of our expertise. Please direct specific questions regarding project experience to Brian Hopper, Operations Manager.

Featured Projects:

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsHEA designed an adjustable spreader to be used with a shipyard's 300-ton cranes. The spreader employs a self-contained ratcheting system, which allows easy adjustments to accommodate different-sized loads. The spreaders are in service, where they have proven their utility in streamlining shipyard operations.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsHEA performed a feasibility study and concluded the purchase of a new diesel crane was preferable to electrification of the existing crane. HEA developed the crane design specifications. HEA also designed the pedestal base frame and evaluated the existing pier slab and pile foundation. HEA served as the clients' primary agent through the building, permitting and construction management.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsIt was necessary to lift a new precipitator onto its support structure. The challenges involved included finding the center of gravity of each precipitator module, locating the lug attachment points, creating a lift schedule (which included rotation of certain components), designing the lifting lugs and determining the stresses in the unit during the lifting process.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsA refinery FCC unit was to be demolished. HEA worked with the contractor to develop a suitable lift plan. This work included designing a suitable mat for crane operation, overturning calculations, lifting lug design and a structural analysis to identify suitable structure break points.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsA platform crane boom collapsed during a routine lift. HEA attributed the failure to the collapse of the dual mast members, causing the lattice boom to sequentially collapse. HEA performed further inspections, which revealed corrosion related deterioration in a few cranes bails, bridles, masts and boom lattice members. The cranes were de-rated until repairs could be made.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsHEA performed a 3rd party review of the design calculations for the support of a crane to be installed inside a nuclear power plant containment building. The review indicated that the lower base plate did not distribute the load evenly to the anchor bolts, causing significant overloading of some of the anchor bolts. HEA modified the base plate configuration and bolt spacing to ensure safe load levels.

Crane and Heavy Load ProjectsA cantilevered steel rail with a unique support configuration and an atypical cross section required a more detailed analysis regime than provided by the ASME code. HEA developed a detailed, non-linear computer model of the crane rail and subjected it to simulated incremental loading up to and beyond the rated load. We found the crane rail had sufficient safety margin against failure under the rated load.

Additional Spotlight Projects:

Below you will find additional Crane & Heavy Loading related projects we have worked on.